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Novena to Saint Francis of Assisi


Risultati immagini per san francesco d'assisi immagini

Theme:       FAITH
1)      Opening Hymn (St Francis)
2)      Scripture Reading: Rom 5: 1-7
3)      Franciscan Reading: LM 2: 4 P. 538 – Francis of Assisi : The Founder, Vol. II

4) Reflection on Faith

            Faith is a treasure at our disposal from where we draw strength and wisdom when the need arises. It is a priceless gift in our interior. Faith is to know God and Jesus Christ whom He sent. In the midst of difficulties of life, our faith allows us to cling to certain things and beliefs with steadfastness, simply that God exists and knows it all. If we take our faith for granted then we will take our vocation for granted as well. It is with faith that we accepted our call from God and with faith we should live it. Faith is believing and living all that the church teaches and practices: in God as one and three persons, in the sacraments especially Eucharist, in the traditions of the church and in the Blessed Virgin Mary. Without faith, no meaning and no reason for living because it is the foundation of the Christian life in general and the religious life in particular. .Faith is not a thing or an ideology but a relationship with God. St. Francis was a man of faith and so as his followers let us follow his example.

 5) Prayers of the Faithful (Intercessions)

 R/ Lord, increase our faith

- We render immense gratitude to you Lord, for the gift of faith in our lives. It is one of the greatest gifts we received from you through our parents. We ask you to bless, guide, and reward them and all those who nursed the seed of faith in our hearts.
- We recommend to you, Almighty Father and loving God, all the young people in the world whose lives have become meaningless and are carried away by strange doctrines and sects. Touch their hearts, re-orientate their lives and draw them back to you.
- St Francis was a man of faith; help us his followers to grow in faith, and may that faith enkindle the fire of your love in the people among whom we live and work.
     Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be…

6)   Concluding Prayer
Grant, we beseech you, o lord that we may acknowledge in our deeds what we profess in our faith so that others through them may come to know God. Increase our faith and help us to grow in it. Through Christ our lord.

7)   Final Hymn (Thanksgiving)


Theme:    HOPE
1)       Opening Hymn (St Francis)
2)       Scripture Reading: Mt. 5:1-7, Mk 4: 35-41
3)       Franciscan Reading: Letter to the Rulers of the people, P. 58 (Francis of Assisi : The Saint. Vol I)

4) Reflection on Hope
            Hope is the virtue by which we trust that God always keeps His promises. The Psalmist expresses it thus: “In God alone is my soul at rest, my help comes form him, he alone is my rock, my stronghold, my fortress on which I stand firm” (Ps 62). Hope moves us to trust that the God in whom we believe will always love and care for us. Hope is a gift from God. He does not promise or assure us comfort, fulfillment, perfection, ease and bliss but assures us His love, care, mercy and life. There are times everything seems dark, meaningless, cold and no reason to live the type of life we have chosen. In such moments we need hope. When you say “yes” to God in religious life, it is for ever i.e. continue the good fight to the end in the midst of doubt, confusion and frustration. St. Francis was a man of hope. Follow him and have that hope.

5) Prayers of the Faithful (Intercessions)

 R/ Comfort us Lord, source of all consolation and Hope

- In the midst of trials, sufferings and sickness, may we always ask God for the virtue of hope so as to live like his children who believe firmly that there is a better life than this   to come.
- We pray for those who are sick, desperate and lonely, and feel hopeless, that through the intercession of the Virgin Mary they may always have hope of a better life, joy and everlasting peace in the future.
-  Men and women religious have abandoned everything to follow Christ with the sure hope of receiving   their heavenly rewards. May their hope not be in vain.
Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be…

6) Concluding Prayer

            Give us your spirit that we may never be in despair but  hope that you are there and are with us especially  in the midst of difficulties and problems. May nothing take away that hope from us. Through Christ our lord.

7) Final Hymn (Thanksgiving)


Theme:   CHARITY
1)       Opening Hymn (St Francis)
2)       Scripture Reading: 1Cor 13: 1-7 or 1         Jn 4: 7
3)      Franciscan Reading: Letter to all the Faithful (PP 94-95)

4) Reflection on charity
            Love is love of God and His people. The vows we profess are an expression of our love of God. Love is a unifying principle that gives meaning and purpose to the life we live and to everything we do and we are called upon to radiate that love. As imitators of Christ, we have to have the type of love Christ had. Wherever there is love, there is a cross and where there is a cross, there is a victim. Where there is love there is always a sacrifice i.e. we have to forgo something in order to love. The cross is part of our religious life. There are difficulties in living it so it can only be lived with love. “What therefore can separate us from the love of Christ?” (Rom. 8:31-39) Nothing. St. Francis was a man of charity and the real and true love is offering our very selves to God for the service of our brothers and sisters.

 5) Prayers of the Faithful (Intercessions)

 R/ May your love reign in our hearts, Lord

-We entrust to your special care all cheerful givers and benefactors of our entire order.  May you, source of all goodness, fill their hearts with your peace and joy.
- Through the intercession of St. Francis, may our Holy Mother, the Church, lead us to re-discover the mystery of love so as to bear abundant fruit for the Lord.
- Our seraphic Father often said; the brothers have to be good so that the world may give them what to live on. May these words of Francis enter the hearts and minds of men and women of good will and inspire them to help sustain us in our ministry.
Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be…

6)Concluding Prayer

Everything tends to good for those who love you Father. Grant us the courage to love others and really see the need to do so. Give us your spirit so  that nothing will  prevent us from loving others. Through Christ our lord.

7) Final Hymn (Thanksgiving)


1)      Opening Hymn (St Francis)
2)      Scripture Reading: Mt 6: 5-8
3)      Franciscan Reading: LM 10:1

4) Reflection on Prayer
            Prayer is a conversation with God. It is a daily rendering of our lives to God and through it we come to know who really He is and what He wants of us. The core and foundation of our lives is in Prayer. A Franciscan who does not pray is not worth it because he ought to follow St. Francis who not only prayed but had become prayer. In true prayer God challenges us to leave behind certain bad habits and gives us what to do for him. Prayer is telling how we feel or how we are now to God and listening to what He has to tell us on how to live and what to do. St. Francis saw prayer as one of his life’s foundations and as his followers we must place prayer at the center of our lives.


5) Prayers of the Faithful (Intercessions)

R/ Holy Spirit, teach us how to pray

- Many Christians and some friars have lost the zeal to pray under the pretext of lack of time. Let us remember that the “one who has no time for prayers does not have life in him and start to pray fervently.
- Far from any formality, prayer should help us to listen to God in our lives, to read the signs of the Times and to contribute to the salvation of the world. May we discover our personal vocation and the will of God for each of us through fervent and constant prayers.
- Let us pray that through our prayers and our apostolate, we may be a source of inspiration for others,  helping them to see the place and importance of prayers in their lives.
Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be….

6) Concluding Prayer

Lord Jesus Christ, in the Garden of Olives, you taught us in word and example to pray in order to overcome temptations.  Grant us the grace to be devoted to prayer and so reap abundant fruits from it. Through Christ our Lord.

7) Final Hymn (Thanksgiving)



1)      Opening Hymn (St Francis)
2)      Scripture Reading: 1 Pet. 4:7-11
3)      Franciscan Reading: 2 Cel 180

4) Reflection on Fraternity
            St. Francis said: the superior should be the first among equals. He also said I want my brothers to consider themselves, sons of the same mother and added that if any brother requires a tunic or a cord or anything else, another brother should give it to him gladly. A Franciscan community is like a family that shares a common home and table though having different careers and apostolate to be done. Community or fraternal life is built on authority that sees itself as that of service. It is a relationship of love where one sees oneself as loved by others in the fraternity. Franciscan fraternity means sharing our personal gifts with others. It means having a common purpose where we can only go out on apostolic work as agreed in a common fraternal way. A good fraternity should have or brothers should participate in one Eucharistic celebration, at least one common daily meal and share one recreation. It is a place of encountering others. Fraternal life does not just come so after our initial formation, to live it, we have to be conscious that we  build it daily and make an effort to live in it. It calls for serious openness and accountability. There must be a sense of joyful belonging. St Francis had to adjust himself because of others as he said the “Lord gave me brothers to live with”.

5) Prayers of the Faithful (Intercessions)

R/ Lord, help us to live together lovingly
- Almighty God, you called your disciples from different works of life to come together and bear witness to the truth and your teaching. May we who desire to follow you through the example of St Francis in spite of our differences, lay down our lives for our brothers by living lovingly together.
- Let us pray for all Franciscan brothers all over the world, that through the example of St Francis they may leave behind their differences and live in unity, peace and love.
- St Francis was a man of peace, so let us pray that through his intercession and example, countries and in families may experience the true peace that comes from the Lord.
Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be….

6) Concluding Prayer

Lord, through the intercession of St Francis, help us to care for one another and help us to see your face in each brother we live with, so as to be their keepers. May we inspire one another to live this life even in the midst of difficulties. Through Christ our Lord.

7) Final Hymn (Thanksgiving)



1)      Opening Hymn (St Francis)
2)      Scripture Reading: Mk 3: 31-34
3)      Franciscan Reading: 2 Cel 151

4) Reflection on Loving Obedience
            In order of vows St Francis placed obedience first. As the brothers were increasing, in order to prevent mediocrity he puts first obedience to God, obedience to his ideals and obedience to the authority of the order. In the “praises of the virtues”, he says “Holy obedience puts to shame all natural and selfish desires. It mortifies our lower nature and makes it obey the spirit and our fellow men. Jesus was obedient even to death. The obedience of the Virgin Mary corrected the disobedience of Adam and Eve. The society today resists obedience to the ten Commandments of God, confession, etc. The future of our lives as religious lies in obedience. Obeying the will of God through superiors is truly a road on which one cannot go wrong. Our obedience to our superior must show itself in our loyalty in word and in deed, dialoguing and supporting his programmes and speaking well of him in his absence.

5) Prayers of the Faithful (Intercessions)

R/ Lord, may your will be done.
- Lord Jesus, you obeyed your Father in all aspects, bitter or sweet, right up to death and even death on the cross. Help us by your example to exercise this loving obedience to our superiors through whom you speak to us in the life you have called us to live.
- Lord, help all brothers who no longer live in obedience to know that through their profession, they had handed over their wills to you and therefore listen to you through their superiors.
- Lord, help citizens of each country in the world to obey and abide by the good laws of their country.
Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be…

6) Concluding Prayer

May the obedient example of your son our Lord Jesus Christ help us to be obedient to your will through our superiors so that we may become holy, humble, chaste, simple and loving. Help us with your Spirit to place our plans, desires and our wills at your disposal in our Order. Through Christ our Lord.

7) Final Hymn (Thanksgiving)


1)      Opening Hymn (St Francis)
2)      Scripture Reading: Phil. 2: 1-8
3)      Franciscan Reading: 1 Cel. 38

4) Reflection of Humility and Minority
            Humility was our Lord’s favorite virtue. The scriptures are full of his advice on humility and in it, Jesus praises many people who were humble. St Francis took his footstep and is called the humble poor man of Assisi. Humility is the sine qua non of all progress on the road to perfection. A humble person knows who God is and  it  is seeing ourselves as God sees us. We are to accept ourselves as sinners and that  will helps us on our way to growth in the spiritual life. The gate of heaven is very low, only humble people who bend down can enter it. St John Vianney said that humility is to various virtues as the chain that holds the beads of the rosary. A humble person goes frequently for confession, is open to criticism, listens to others, verifies from others and prays often to see clearly God’s will in his/her life. Many of us do not live our commitments well because we are not humble or do not admit our faults. Humility is the spiritual dimension of the soul. Minority is an attitude of humility and lowliness. One who considers himself a minor consciously embraces the lowly and flees the lofty. Such a person avoids arrogance in word and deed. He never puts himself on display and never considers himself greater than another. This is the attitude St Francis demands of us his followers. This he called poverty of spirit, which we very much need.

5) Prayers of the Faithful (Intercessions)

R/ Lord, make us meek and humble of heart        
-Lord Jesus, you humbled yourself in loving obedience to your Father up to the point of dying on the cross because you knew your will was to do His Will. Help us your followers to be meek and humble of heart.
- Our Seraphic Father Francis was an example of humility; help us his followers to imitate his wonderful model of life.
- Lord, help all Christians to be humble enough so as to be your true followers  and enjoy the richness of their Christian vocation.
Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be…

6) Concluding Prayer

O Lord, you give your grace only to the humble, not to the proud of heart. Endow us with the virtue of humility in order to imitate the humble Christ and St Francis. Never allow us to be proud but to lower ourselves in order to receive your grace. Through Christ our Lord.

7) Final Hymn (Thanksgiving)


Theme:   POVERTY
1)       Opening Hymn (St Francis)
2)      Scripture Reading: Mt 19:21-26
3)      Franciscan Reading: LM 7.2
4) Reflection on Poverty
            “Blessed are the poor in spirit, Jesus said, for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven”. Francis and early brothers took literally these words of Jesus and made them their own by living them. For St Francis, it was sufficient to be poor for the sake of Christ. To be poor means to hate and detest everything, which till this moment, you have loved and longed to have as your own. Poverty is a way of acting and choosing. To be poor for most people means a negative thing but essentially it is something positive. To be poor means to some extend to be without the things which most people long for: money, necessities of life, security, honour etc. To accept poverty cheerfully and voluntary is a virtue. It is truly a virtue when we live it for the sake of Christ and his kingdom. To St Francis it is a source of joy that makes one to be united with God. Poverty is to St Francis a treasure to be sought, a valuable pearl of great price that a man will sell all that he has in order to obtain it. For Francis it was the object of his love and devotion hence he called poverty Lady poverty. Summarily, poverty is an ideal to be worked for, guarded and cherished. Secondly, it is a form of self-sacrifice, a denial of normal human instincts in order that life may be offered to God. It makes one dependent on God rather than on one’s resources. Lastly it enables one to be charitable.

5) Prayers of the Faithful (Intercessions)
R/ Lord, make us to cherish poverty as you did
- Lord, your word says, blessed are the poor in spirit, for the Kingdom of heaven belongs to them. Lord, make us poor in spirit so that we may see your presence in our lives here on earth and in the life to come.
- It was through a life of poverty and detachment that St Francis was able to see you face to face, help us through his intercession to take off our minds from worldly and material things and to set our eyes on the things of Heaven.
- Lord, help all Christians to set their hearts and their minds only on heavenly things so that the world may be rid of vices that the quest for material things brings.
Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be…

6) Concluding Prayer
O God, you helped St Francis to detach himself from all things in order to live poor as your Son did. Help us to use the things you have given us in a judicious way in order to love you alone with our whole hearts. Through Christ our Lord.

7) Final Hymn (Thanksgiving)

Risultati immagini per san Francesco d'assisi immagini

Entrance song

Introduction: what is the Transitus

Leader             St. Francis died about sunset on October 3rd 1226.He recited the psalm 142,and at the closing words of the Psalm his blessed soul passed from Earth to Heaven. The passing (transitus) of St. Francis is usually commemorated at sunset October 3rd.


1st reader:        When Brother Francis knew he was approaching death, he burning desire to begin again in all humility. A although he had to moderate his great austerities on the order of hid doctor, nevertheless he said:

2nd reader      Brother, let us begin to serve the Lord God now, for up to now we have made little or no progress

1st reader         once again he wishes to go and nurse the lepers, as he did in those early days of his new life .He        made up his mind to seclude himself in some remote place, so that only the wall of the flesh would stand between God and himself meanwhile his illness increased and his strength so failed that he could hardly move himself at all. He asked Brother Elias to have him brought back to Assisi, where the knowledge of heavenly things was first given to him at St. Mary of the Portiuncula. Arriving at Assisi he said:

2nd reader:        this place is truly holy and is the dwelling place of God. Here, when we were but few the Most high gave us increase here he enlightened the hearts of his poor by the light of wisdom

1st reader         When his illness increased he called together the brothers who were there, and he blessed each one of them, as it was given to him from above, just as the patriach Jacob of old had blessed his son, and like another Moses who enriched the children if Israel with his blessing when about to climb the mountain of God. While brother Elias was at his lift side, with the other brothers standing around, Francis crossed his right hand over his lift and placed his right hand on the head of brother Elias, and being blind he asked: “on whom am I holding my right hand? “They said: “ on brother Elias”. Upon this, he answered:

2nd reader:        that is what I want: and you, my son, I blessed above all and through out all: and just as the most high has multiplied my brothers and sons in your house, so also I bless them upon you and in you. May a share of the reward of the just been reserved for you.

1st reader         some time afterward, when he knew the time of his death had come, he called all his brothers together once more. He comforted them in their sorrow at his approaching death. Convinced that the end was near, one of the brothers whom Francis loved very much addressed him: “father, your sons are now without a father; remember your orphan sons whom are now leaving, forgive them all their fault”. The Saints said to him:
2nd reader         I forgive my brothers, both present and absent, all their offences and faults and insofar as I am able, I absolved them. I want you to announce this to them on my behalf.

1st reader         full of fatherly affection, Francis began to talk to his brothers about God’s love, about practicing patience and poverty, as he had once impressed upon them in the rule.

2nd reader         the brothers must serve the Lord in poverty and humility as pilgrims and strangers in this world, because the Lord himself was poor on earth. This is the pinnacle of the most exalted poverty, and it is this, my dearest brothers, that has made you heirs and Kings of the Kingdom of Heaven, poor in temporal things but rich in virtue. This should be your portio, because it leads into the land of the living. And to this poverty you must cling with all your hearts, and wish never to have anything else under heaven, for the sake of our Lord Jesus Christ.

1st reader         with discerning clarity of mind Francis foresaw the coming scandal by which many of his brothers would become unfaithful to the Rule. Therefore he wanted to leave them a reminder, an admonition and exhortation to live the Rule, as a covenant he had once made with the poor son of Man. This he wished to do in the most solemn manner by living them his testament. He remembered every thing the Lord had said to him, simply and plainly, and brother Angelo wrote it down.

2nd reader         this is how God inspired me, Brother Francis, to embark upon a life of penance. When I was in sin, the sight of lepers nauseated me beyond measure: but then God himself lead me in to their company, and I had pity on them. When I had once become acquainted with them, what previously nauseated me became a source of spiritual and physical consolation for me. After that I did not wait long before leaving the word. And God inspired me with such faith in his churches that I use to with all simplicity, saying: We adore you, Lord Jesus Christ, here and in all your churches in the whole world, and we bless you because by your holy cross you have redeemed the word. God inspired me too and still inspires me with such great faith in priests that I would be ready to turn to them for help, even if they persecuted me. I do this, because in this world I cannot see the most high son of God with my on eyes, except for his most holy Body and Blood, which they receive and they alone administer to others.
1st reader         grateful and respectful, the brothers listened to the wonderful deed, which the lord had performed among them. They would have love one another, be faithful to our Lady holy poverty, show themselves submissive to the prelates of the holy roman church and serve them, as a sign of his blessing and their covenant. At this Francis’ soul rejoice and he said:

M. celebrant    Now let us recite allowed the Canticle Of Brother Sun:

Leader:            most high omnipotent Good Lord,
                        To you praise, glory and honour and all benediction.
                        To you alone, most high, to they belong
                        And there is no one worthy to mention you.
                        Praised be my lord
                        By means of all your creatures,
                        And most especially by Sir Brother sun,
                        Who makes the day, and illumines us by his light:
                        For he is beautiful and radiant with great splendor
                        And is symbol of you, God most high.
                        Praised be my Lord
                        By means of Sister moon and all the stars:
                        For in heaven you have placed them,
                        Clear, precious and fair.
                        Praised be my Lord, by means of brother wind,
                        And by means of the air, the clouds,
                        And the clear sky and every kind of weather,
                        Through which you give your creatures nourishment.
                        Praised be my Lord, by means of sister water
                        For she is very useful, humble, precious and chaste.
                        Praised be my lord, by means of brother fire,
                        By whom you do illumine the night:
                        For he is fair, gay and mighty and strong.
                        Praised be my Lord.
                        By means of our sister mother earth.
                        Which sustains us and keeps us,
                        And brings forth varied fruits
                        With colored flowers and leaves.
                        Praised be my Lord,
                        Through those who give pardon for love of you,
                        And suffer infirmity and tribulation.
                         Blessed are they, who endure all in peace,
                        For they, O God most High,
                        Will be crowned by you.
                        Praised be my lord through our sister Bodily Death,
                        From whom no living person can escape.
                        Woe to those who die in mortal sin!
                        But blessed are those found in your most holy will
                        For the second death will do them no harm.
                        Praise and bless my Lord.
                        And thank Him, And serve Him with great humility


1st reader         then Francis ordered the book of the Gospels to be bought, and asked for the Gospel according to St. John to be read:
M celebrant     The lord be with you
All standing    And also with you
M celebrant:    A reading from the Gospel according to John.

                        It was before the festival of the Passover, and Jesus knew that the hour had come for him to pass to the father. He had always loved those who were his own in the world. But now he showed how perfect his love was, they were at supper. And the devil had already put it in to the mind of Judas Iscariot, son of Simon, to betray him. Jesus knew that the Father had put every thing in to his hand, and that he had come from God and was returning to God: and he got up from the table, he removed his outer garment, and taking a towel, wrapped it around his waist. He then poured water in to a basin and began to wash his disciples’ feet and wipe them with the towel he was wearing. “

                        BRIEF REFLECTION

1st reader         then Francis and himself placed naked upon the ground, placed thus with his garment of sackcloth, he raised his countenance to heaven, and giving his attention entirely to that glory, he covered the wound in his right side with his lift hand. Then he said to his brothers:

2nd reader         I have done what was mine to do: may Christ teach you what you are to do.

1st reader         meanwhile, Francis’ guardian hurriedly arose, and taking a habit he said to Francis:
“Realize that this habit had been rent to you by me. I take away from you all authority to give it to any one else,” then Francis rejoiced, for he saw that he had kept faith with lady poverty to the very end. Now he commanded that bread be brought to him. He blessed and broke it and gave a small piece of it to each one to eat. He was recalling the Most Holy Supper, which the Lord celebrated, and he did all these in memory of that supper to show the deep love, he had for his brothers. As it is written in the Gospel.

2nd reader         “Now as they were eating Jesus took some, and when he had said the blessing he broke it and gave it to the disciples: “take it and eat” he said, “This is my Body”. Then he took a cup filled with wine, and when he had given thanks he gave it to them: “drink all of you from this” he said “ for this is my Blood, the Blood of the Covenant, which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sin.”          

1st reader         The time that remained before his death Francis spent in praying, and he commanded his companions to praise Christ with him. In as far as he was able, he broke forth into this Psalm: “to the Lord I cry, I plead”          

O most holy soul, at whose entrance into eternity the citizens of Heaven come forth, choirs of Angels
 rejoice, and the glorious Trinity invites, saying: Abide with us for ever.

                                   PSALM 142 (chanted in two choirs)

                                   With all my voice I cry to the Lord,
                                   With all my voice I entreat the Lord.
                                   I pour nut my troubles before him:
                                   I tell him all my distress
                                   While my spirit faints within me.
                                   But you, O Lord, know my path.
                                   On the way where I shall walk
                                   They have hidden a snare to entrap me.
                                   Look on right and see:
                                   There is no one who takes my part
                                   I have no means of escape,
                                   Not one who cares for my soul.

                                   I cry to you, O Lord
                                   I have said: you are my refuge,
                                   All I have in the land of the living
                                   Listen, then, to my cry
                                   For I am in the depths of distress.

                                   Rescue me from those who pursue me
                                   For they are stronger than I.
                                   Bring my soul out of the prison
                                   And then I shall praise your name.
                                   Around me the just will assemble
                                   Because of your goodness to me.

All knee for a             SOLEMN SILENCE

(After the silence celebrant leads 5 Paters, Aves and Glorias may be said with arms extended)

O most holy soul, at whose entrance into eternity the citizens of Heaven come forth, choirs of Angels
Rejoice, and the Glorious Trinity invites, saying: Abide with us forever.

M celebrant:    Hail Holy Father, glory of the country model of Minors, Mirror of virtue, way of rectitude, rule of conduct; from this exile lead us to the kingdom on high.

                        The poor and humble Francis enter Heaven rich

All:                  amid heavenly songs of praise

M celebrant:    Let us pray:
                        O God, who gave to the soul of our holy father, St. Francis, the reward of everlasting bliss, be pleased to grant that we, who with loving hearts celebrate the memory of his departure, may deserve to obtain the same happiness for our reward.
                        Through our Lord Jesus Christ.
All:                  Amen.

M. celebrant:   May the Lord bless you and keep you.

All:      Amen.

M. celebrant:   May He turn his face to you and have mercy on you.

All:      Amen.

M. celebrant:   May he turn his countenance to you and give you peace.

All:      Amen.

M. celebrant:   And may the blessing of almighty God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
                        Descend upon you and remain with you forever.

All:      Amen.

Song:              Make me Lord…

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