lunedì 30 ottobre 2017

Capuchin Lay Volunteers

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Are you a Lay Roman catholic Christian?
Are you interested in an experience in foreign lands as a volonteer?
The Capuchin Friars will offer you a great opportunity.
Follow the following links for more information
and some pictures of those who have had the experience before you.
 Capuchin Lay Volunteers programrun by the Order of Capuchin Friars Minor (
So far, experience has been made in:
  • Africa: Burkina Faso, Ghana, Uganda andZimbabwe.
  • Asia: India (Assam).
In 2018 we hope to be able to offer a new destination in the Amazon Rainforest. 
Here you can access the galleries of photos taken during the first visits:
More information, together with some videos and testimonies of volunteers,can be found on our Facebook page:
Africa: Burkina Faso, Ghana, Uganda andZimbabue. Asia: India (Assam).
Anyone aged 18 and over with a strong spirit of service, is welcome.
Training is offered for volunteers before departure for the missions.
In Capuchin Franciscan friaries we offer board and lodging and the best possible welcome and attention.
How long?
From one to three months.A longer stay is possible after evaluation.
Types of work:
Education, health care, building projects, local leadership training, agriculture, water& electrification schemes, community development, project management… and much more.
Return ticket, costs of visas, medical insurance and vaccinations.
Yellow Fever vaccination required. The friars will provide basic health care as needed.Anti-malarial prevention is necessary (prophylaxis).
Most Capuchin houses have landline phones, internet access and other necessary services. It is also possible to obtain a mobile phone number in all destinations.
While the volunteers are with us in the missions, there is permanent communication with the organizing team, together with evaluations by the friars and by the volunteers.This is to ensure that the experience is as valuable as it can be for all taking part.

For more information, contact us at: