giovedì 31 maggio 2007


Today I celebrate my Ordination day. God had called me to be his servant in the order of Franciscan Cappuchin Order. God was leading me during all those years and made use of me in different ways for his services. I thank my Lord for this great gift of Vocation. He was behind me and helped me to march forward in different situations of life. I also thank my parents , brother and sisters and dear ones and all my beloved friends who assisted me in my vocational journey. Lord, reward them and bless them.I also thank my Order and my Amala Annai Province for the great support and love. With God's help I could do something for the Lord and People. I remember all my loving ones who are showing love and affection for me. Together with Mary I too thank the Lord for what he has done for me through Magnificat hymn.

Joyful Anticipation of the Messiah


Luke 1:39-45 (alternate reading: Mark 10:46-52)

Blessed are you if you see and recognize the Lord with the "eyes of faith". The word "blessed" [makarios in Greek] literally means "happiness" or "beatitude". It describes a kind of joy which is serene and untouchable, self-contained, and independent from chance and changing circumstances of life. There is a certain paradox for those "blessed" by the Lord. Mary was given the "blessedness" of being the mother of the Son of God. That blessedness also would become a sword which pierced her heart as her Son died upon the cross. Anselm, a great teacher and Archbishop of Canterberry (1033-1109), spoke these words in a homily: "Without God's Son nothing could exist; without Mary's son, nothing could be redeemed." To be chosen by God is an awesome privilege and responsibility. Mary received both a crown of joy and a cross of sorrow. Her joy was not diminished by her sorrow because it was fuelled by her faith, hope, and trust in God and his promises. Jesus promised his disciples that "no one will take your joy from you" (John 16:22). The Lord gives us a supernatural joy which enables us to bear any sorrow or pain and which neither life nor death can take away.
When Elizabeth greeted Mary and recognized the Messiah in Mary's womb they were filled with the Holy Spirit and with a joyful anticipation of the fulfilment of God's promise to give a Savior. What a marvelous wonder for God to fill not only Elizabeth's heart with his Holy Spirit but the child in her womb as well. John the Baptist, even before the birth of the Messiah, pointed to his coming and leapt for joy in the womb of his mother as the Holy Spirit revealed to him the presence of the King to be born. The Holy Spirit is God's gift to us to enable us to know and experience the indwelling presence of God and the power of his kingdom. The Holy Spirit is the way in which God reigns within each of us. Do you live in the joy and knowledge of God's indwelling presence with you through his Holy Spirit?

mercoledì 30 maggio 2007

Are you able to drink the cup that I drink


Mark 10:32-45

On three different occasions the Gospels record that Jesus predicted he would endure great suffering through betrayal, rejection, and the punishment of a cruel death. No wonder the apostles were greatly distressed at such a prediction! If Jesus their Master were put to death, then they would likely receive the same treatment by their enemies.Jesus paid the price for our redemption with his blood.Jesus did the unthinkable! He wedded authority with selfless service and with loving sacrifice. Authority without sacrificial love is brutish and self-serving. Jesus also used stark language to explain what kind of sacrifice he had in mind. His disciples must drink his cup if they expect to reign with him in his kingdom. The cup he had in mind was a bitter one involving crucifixion. What kind of cup does the Lord have in mind for us? For some disciples such a cup entails physical suffering and the painful struggle of martyrdom

martedì 29 maggio 2007

10th SFO CONVENTION TRICHY , 19, 20.05.07

Two days convention of SFO was successful. Many speakers brought the importance of living the Gospel Life and to be True Franciscan. Fr.R. Charles the Tamil Nadu Spiritual Assitant organized it well with the cooperation of Tricky SFO Fraternity. Nearly 500 persons took part in this conventions. Fr.IrudayaSamy the General Spiritual Assitant from Rome took part and gave talk on MINORITY,FRATERNITY and SOCIAL DIMENSION.

We have left everything and followed you


Mark 10:28-31

The gospel presents us with a paradox: we lose what we keep, and we gain what we give away. When we lose our lives for Jesus Christ, we gain a priceless treasure and an inheritance which last forever. Whatever we give to God comes back a hundredfold. Generosity flows from a heart full of gratitude for the abundant mercy and grace which God grants. Do you give freely and generously? And why do you give, for reward or for love?

giovedì 17 maggio 2007

You will be sorrowful, but your sorrow will turn into joy


John 16:16-20

Jesus contrasts present sorrows with the future glory to be revealed to those who put their hope in God. For the people of Israel time was divided into two ages– the present age and the age to come. The prophets foretold the coming of the Messiah as the dawn of a new age. Jesus tells his disciples two important truths. First, he must leave them to return to his Father and second, he will surely come again at the end of time to usher in the new age of God's kingdom. Jesus' orientation for the time between his first coming and his return in glory at the end of the world is a reversal of the world's fortunes. A woman in labor suffers the birth-pangs first, but then forgets her sorrow as soon as her new-born child comes to birth. We cannot avoid pain and sorrow if we wish to follow Jesus to the cross. But in the cross of Christ we find freedom, victory, and joy.

Fr.Irudayasamy lightens the Kuthuvialku in opening function of National
Chapter of SFO in India

mercoledì 16 maggio 2007

When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth


John 16:12-15

It is the gift of God who is the possessor and the giver of all truth. Jesus tells his disciples that it is the role of the Holy Spirit to reveal what is true. How can this be? Skeptics of truth don't want to believe in an absolute Truth. If truth is objective then it must be submitted to as authoritative. Some fear the truth because they think it will inhibit their freedom. Jesus told his disciples that the truth will set you free (John 8:32).The truth liberates us from doubts, illusions, and fears. Since God is the source of all truth, then the closer we draw to him and listen to his word, the more we grow in the knowledge of him and of his great love and wisdom for us. Jesus told his disciples that he would send them the Spirit of truth who will announce to you the things to come. Through the Holy Spirit, we proclaim our ancient faith in the saving death and resurrection of Christ until he comes again. The Lord gives us his Holy Spirit as our divine Teacher and Helper that we may grow in the knowledge and wisdom of God.

martedì 15 maggio 2007

When the Counselor comes, he will convince the world concerning sin and righteousness"


Scripture: John 16:5-11

Jesus tells his disciples three very important things about the work of the Holy Spirit -- to convince the world of sin and of righteousness and of judgment. The original word for convince also means convict. The Holy Spirit is our Sanctifier. He makes us holy as God is holy. He does this first by convicting us of our sin and by bringing us humbly to the foot of the Cross. The Spirit convinces us of God's love and forgiveness and of our utter dependence on God for his mercy and grace. We need the power of the Holy Spirit to lead us from the error of our sinful ways and to show us the way of love and truth.

With God's Grace we had Indian National Elective Chapter of India in Kerala from 11-13 May 2007 at Assisi Kendra Conventual Friary.

martedì 8 maggio 2007

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you


Scripture: John 14:27-31

JESUS farewell discourse HE grants peace as his gift to his disciples. What kind of peace does he offer? The peace of Christ is more than the absence of trouble. It includes everything which makes for our highest good. The world's approach to peace is avoidance of trouble and a refusal to face unpleasant things. Jesus offers the peace which conquers our fears and anxieties. Nothing can take us from the peace and joy of Jesus Christ. No sorrow or grief, no danger, no suffering can make it less. Jesus also speaks of his destination and ultimate triumph over the powers of evil in the world. In the eyes of the world the cross stood for shame, humiliation, and defeat. Jesus went to the cross knowing that it would lead to victory over the powers of sin and of Satan. Jesus also knew that he would return to his Father in glory. The cross brought glory to Jesus and to the Father and it is our way to glory as well. In the Cross of Christ we find true peace and reconciliation with God.

Today Magdalena Tuckova SFO from CZEC. vice minister of Trebic Fraternity celebrates her birthday.May the Good Lord bless her and grant her what she needs. Wish you dear sister A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

lunedì 7 maggio 2007

If a man loves me, he will keep my word, and my Father will love him


Scripture: John 14:21-26

Do you know the love that surpasses all, that is stronger than death itself (Song of Songs 8:6)? In Jesus' last supper discourse he speaks of the love he has for his disciples and of his Father's love. He prepares his disciples for his imminent departure to return to his Father by exhorting them to prove their love for him through their loyalty and obedience to his word. He promises them the abiding instruction and consolation of the Holy Spirit. Saint Augustine says the Lord loves each of us as if there were only one of us to love. God’s love for each of us is as real and tangible as the love of a mother for her child and the love of a lover who gives all for his beloved. God made us for love — to know him personally and to grow in the knowledge of his great love for us. How can we know and be assured of the love of God? The Holy Spirit helps us to grow in the knowledge of God and his great love. The Spirit enables us to experience the love of God and to be assured of the Lord’s abiding presence with us (see Romans 8:35-39). The Holy Spirit also opens our ears to hear and understand the word of God. Do you listen attentively to God's word and believe it? Ask the Holy Spirit to inflame your heart with the love of God and his word.

domenica 6 maggio 2007

Love one another, even as I have loved you


Scripture: John 13:31-35

How does God reveal his glory to us? In his Last Supper discourse Jesus speaks of his glory and the glory of his Father. What is this glory? It is the cross which Jesus speaks of here. The cross of Jesus shows us that the greatest glory and achievement in life is the glory of perfect love—the willing sacrifice of one's life for the sake of another. In the cross of Calvary, God reveals the breadth of his great love for sinners and the power of redemption which cancels the debt of sin and reverses the curse of our condemnation. Jesus gave his Father supreme honor and glory through his obedience and willingness to sacrifice his life on the cross for our sake.

How will the world and the society around us recognize the transforming power of God's kingdom? When they see Christians loving one another to the point of laying down their lives for each another, forgiving their enemies, and caring for the weak, the neglected, the dying, the unwanted, and the unlovable. True and perfect love casts out fear, quenches hatred, and overcomes evil.

sabato 5 maggio 2007

Jesus said, "I am the way, and the truth, and the life


John 14:7-14

What’s the greatest thing we can aim for in this life? To know God. What is the best thing in life, bringing more joy, contentment, life and happiness, than anything else? Knowledge of God. Thus says the Lord: “Let not the wise man glory in his wisdom, let not the mighty glory in his might, let not the rich man glory in his riches; but let him who glories glory in this, that he understands and knows me” (Jeremiah 9:23-24). One of the greatest truths of the Christian faith is that we can know the living God. Our knowledge of God is not simply limited to knowing something about God, but we can know God personally. The essence of Christianity, and what makes it distinct from Judaism and other religions, is the knowledge of God as our Father. Jesus makes it possible for each of us to personally know God as our Father. To see Jesus is to see what God is like.

venerdì 4 maggio 2007

Do not let your hearts be troubled!


Scripture: John 14:1-6

Do you allow any troubles to rob you of God’s peace? As much as we try to avoid it, we all inevitably encounter troubles and difficulties, and sometimes more than we think we can handle! Jesus knew his disciples would have to face adversity and trials after he left them to return to his Father. Jesus assured them that his departure is for their good, in order to secure a place for them in God’s house -- a place of refuge, peace, and everlasting happiness. The Lord Jesus assures us of a safe passage to our true home in heaven with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

giovedì 3 maggio 2007

Jesus said, "I am the way, and the truth, and the life


Scripture: John 14:6-14
If heaven is our destination, how can we be sure we know the way without some kind of map or guide? Teach me your way, O Lord; and lead me on a level path” (Psalm 27:11). Jesus proclaims: “I am the Way.” The Lord Jesus does not simply give advice and direction. He personally is the way, and we cannot miss it. He leads and guides us personally every day. The Lord Jesus also is the Truth. Many can say, "I have taught you the truth." Only Jesus can say, I am the Truth. Moral truth cannot be conveyed in words alone; it must be conveyed in example. Jesus embodies the truth in his person. Jesus also is the Life. He not only shows us the path of life (Psalm 16:11); he gives the kind of life which only God can give -- eternal life. Do you thirst for the truth and knowledge which Christ offers?

mercoledì 2 maggio 2007

I did not come to judge the world but to save the world


John 12:44-50

Why does Jesus speak of himself as the light of the world? In the scriptures light is associated with God's truth and life. Psalm 27 exclaims, The Lord is my light and my salvation. Just as natural light exposes the darkness and reveals what is hidden, so God's word enables those with eyes of faith to perceive the hidden truths of God's kingdom. Natural light also brings warmth and enables seed to sprout and living things to grow. Jesus' words produce life — the very life of God — within those who receive it with faith.