martedì 10 novembre 2009

New General Spirtual Assistant Amanuel Mesgun Temelso

Dear Brothes and sisters. With great joy and happiness, I thank the Lord for what he has done during my 7 years of service to the Brothers and sisters of SFO around the world. It was wonderful and rich experience for me to work with previous Presidency as well as the new presidency. I thank you with my whole heart for your love and encouragement. I enjoyed my work of spiritual animation of SFO and it has increased my faith. I could meet many people, culture, fraternal life in the fraternities of SFO and many first order friars.. These profound experiences entered into my memory, heart and mind. I thank with my heart our dear sister Encarnacion and you my dear sisters and brothers of Presidency for your love support and acceptance of what I am. I am very grateful to you. I could experience among you a great fraternal life and joy. It is my pleasure to thank our dear brothers Valentin, Michael Higgins, Ivan, Martin and Amando for their understanding, love and support. We could work together always in unity. We shared our views, discussed our opinions, and ate together and given witness that first order could work together in harmony and love. I thank you brothers from my heart. Once again I thank you all and wish our new General Spiritual Assistant Fr. Amanuel Mesgun Temelso to have nice time and rich experience in his new service May God reward you and bless you all..

Fr.Irudayasamy OFMCap

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