mercoledì 21 ottobre 2009

"You must be ready! The Son of man is coming at an unexpected hour"

Scripture: Luke 12:39-௪௮
Jesus ends his teaching on watchfulness and vigilance with another parable about a master and his servants (similr to the parable in Matthew 24:.45-49). The storyline is similar. There is an element of surprise – the master suddenly returns home unexpectedly, probably from a long journey. He rewards the dutiful servant for his faithfulness to his master. He has performed his service with diligence and has done all that the master required of him. The master punishes the other servant who behaved wickedly. This servant was not only irresponsible – he was frequently absent from work and spent his master's money by throwing endless parties with his friends. The wicked servant also abused his fellow workers with physical force and violence – probably to make them do the work he was supposed to do for his master. The master not only strips him of his job and a secure place to live, but removes him from the joy and fellowship of the people he lived and worked with. The wicked servant is cast into a prison of like-minded rebels, trouble-makers, thieves, and murderers. Can you imagine a place of endless quarreling, strife, hatred, envy, jealousy, and constant abuse and fighting? Should we be surprised to see the master acting with such swift judgment? After all the master is only giving back to the wicked servant what he has given to others though his abusive and irresponsible behavior. The master rewards the faithful servant with promotion, honor, and friendship, and he punishes the unfaithful servant – who stole from his master and used his position to abuse others – by removing him from his position of trust. The Lord has entrusted each one of us with his gifts and grace – the grace to love God with faithfulness, trust, and obedience – and the grace to love our neighbor as ourselves.

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