martedì 26 febbraio 2008


From June 24, 1981, Medjugorje became one of the most famours parishes in the world .On that day in the afternoon, some youth from Bijakovici, from the hamlet called Podbrdo, saw as they said - an unsusal figure: a woman with a child, giving them signs with her hand to come nearer. The persecuti9on of the visionaries, of their parents and relatives, of parishioners and priests, started at the same time as the appariations.Children were taken away for judicial interrogations and psychiatric examinations, which always established that they were healthy. The pastor of Medjugorje at that time was Fr.JOZO ZOVKO. He was arrested and condemned by a communist tribunal to three years and a half of prison, just because he was preaching the Gospel. Two other priests experienced a similar destiny. The Visionaries are: JUANKA IVANKOVIC-ELEZ, MIRJANA DRAGICEVIC-SOLDO, VICKA IVANKOVIC-MIJATOVIC, MARIJA PAVLOVIC-LUNETTI, IVAN DRAGICEVIC, JAKOV COLO. Other General spiritual assistants and I could meet one of the visionaries called MMIRJANA DRAGICEVIC-SOLDO.She was narrating how he encountered mother Mary. Many people come for confession and conversions are many.
Today we 4 General Spiritual assistants go to Republic Ceca to give a seminar for the Spiritual Assistants of SFO at Svaty Hostin from 27 feb. to 1st March 2008. Spiritual Assistants from Slovakia too will participate in that seminar. May God bless them all.

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Mes salutations fraternelles
aux assistants de Tchéquie
au F. Augustin Otakar
et aux frères OFM de Slovaquie
rencontrés à Donovaly et Bratislava en juillet 2007.

Fr Joseph Sitterlé, ofm cap paris